Adult teeth straightening with six month Smile from London dental practice

Adult teeth straightening with Six Month Smile from London W8 dentist

Six Month Smile braces are a revolutionary new orthodontic service designed specially for adults who haven’t been able to face the prospect of wearing traditional fixed metal braces. Until the development of Six Month braces, adults were faced with option of long-term fixed braces or porcelain veneers to fix uneven or crooked teeth. Both of these measures involve a high level of commitment, not to mention cost.

Although traditional braces still have their place, especially for severely misaligned teeth, for many adults requiring small adjustments they are not really suitable. Six Month Smile braces represent a genuine opportunity for adults with small misalignments to achieve the confidence boosting, healthy-looking smile they have always wanted.

Unlike traditional braces, Six Month Smile braces use discreet tooth-coloured wires and brackets that are barely visible in the mouth. This reduces the visual impact of wearing braces, one of the major stumbling blocks for many patients wanting straightening treatment. Six Month braces focus directly on teeth visible when smiling. This allows the brace to achieve such rapid straightening results. Most treatments are completed within the six-months promised by the name.

The Six Month brace does not move teeth faster than a conventional brace but moves teeth in a more focussed way. This means that the patient experiences no extra level of discomfort during treatment because of excessive force. A Six Month Smile brace from a London W8 dentist could be the answer to your straightening needs helping to give you the healthy, natural smile you have always wanted.